• No impressions, no models, no lab time
  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Adapts to any smile
  • Discreet, clear tray material
  • 6% (wear 60–90 minutes for 5 to 10 days)
  • 10% (wear 30–60 minutes for 5 to 10 days)
  • 15% (wear 15–20 minutes for 5 to 10 days)
  • Peach, Melon, and Mint flavors

  • Makes Great Gift!



Opalescence Go is the professional alternative to over-the-counter whitening options. It's a simple, fast, and great-tasting way to start a whitening treatment or for whitening touch-ups. With no impressions or custom trays necessary, Opalescence Go is ready to use right out of the package!


Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF
(Potassium Nitrate + Fluoride). 

Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity.

Fluoride has been shown to help reduce cavities and strengthen enamel.
Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth. 



Opalescence Go is a powerful, professional alternative to over-the-counter teeth whiteners. Each Opalescence Go tray is filled with a safe, effective gel that won't leak out onto your gums. Opalescence gels include potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF). Findings have confirmed that the potassium nitrate and fluoride actually help to reduce cavities, minimize sensitivity, increase enamel hardness, and improve the overall health of your teeth.


Opalescence Go is a professional alternative to over-the-counter whitening products. Available in 6%, 10%, and 15% hydrogen peroxide concentrations, Opalescence Go can provide incredible results after just a few days of treatment.


Opalescence Go features innovative, filled whitening trays that fit comfortably over your teeth. The trays are discreet and disposable, making it easy to take your whitening treatment to go. An affordable option with wear times ranging from just 15–90 minutes once a day, Opalescence Go is easy to adapt to your budget and lifestyle.



What is Opalescence Go?

Opalescence Go is an affordable whitening treatment that is so powerful and effective it is only dispensed by dentists. Proven successful at providing dramatic, long-lasting results, Opalescence has received many awards in the dental world.

How does Opalescence Go work?

Opalescence Go is a powerful whitening gel that comes in filled, disposable whitening trays. Simply insert the comfortable trays in your mouth and wear for the recommended time, and your teeth will be whiter and brighter!

How long do I wear Opalescence Go?

Wear times for Opalescence Go differ depending on whether you use 10% or 15% hydrogen peroxide gel and how dramatic you want your results to be. Trays are generally worn from 15 minUtes to one hour per day for anywhere from five to 10 days.

How is Opalescence Go different from other whitening treatments-over-the-counter and professional?

Over-the-counter whitening treatments, such as whitening strips, can lighten teeth. But for optimal results, you want to rely on a professional treatment.

Opalescence Go has set itself apart from other professional treatments for being extremely affordable and effective. With its adaptable, form-fitting UltraFitTM tray, whitening with Opalescence Go is also extremely comfortable.

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