Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal Procedure can simply be defined as an “attempt” to save a tooth that has problems principally with the “pulp” or nerve of the tooth. Every tooth in the mouth has a nerve and blood vessels that are found within the “root canal” or chamber the nerve lives in.

Sometimes, because of several reasons, the nerve of the tooth can become infected with bacteria or germs that have found their way into the root canal or pulp chamber. When a tooth has a particularly large cavity, and that cavity and its bacteria have made their way into the tooth nerve a root canal procedure may be considered.


• Toothache Relief
• No Tooth Extraction
• Prevents Tooth Infection from Spreading
• Simple Procedure with little discomfort

Things to Consider

There has to be enough tooth material that is not affected by the cavity in order for the procedure to be considered. In other words, a root canal procedure cannot be performed so an extraction will be considered.
Most people wonder what happens to the space if a tooth needs to be extracted. If it is a front tooth that shows, a temporary tooth can be bonded into place, added to your partial or have a partial fabricated for you that contains the tooth that was extracted. Eventually, after 8-10 months, once the area has healed, a Dental implant can be considered. A tooth that has had root canal treatment performed can last for a period of time for about 8-10 years.

Treatment Process

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